Coffee School

If you are not satisfied with the “class”, a full refund

In some ways, a full refund is a huge risk.

From our perspective. But I reconsidered it from the students' viewpoint. 

Coffee classes are more expensive than you think. In particular, compared to simply barista level 2 certification, our classes may not be that cheap. Additionally, there's the challenge of having to travel a considerable distance for several weeks.

However, we can't just sign up for classes that demand such a commitment of money and time.

So, I said, you can fully study the theory just by watching my YouTube channel before taking classes at our class.

Isn't it difficult to read books on the market? Honestly, you can learn almost any “theory” just by watching the videos on the YouTube channel. That's why I made these videos even though I was criticized by people in the industry. The barrier to entry into coffee knowledge was too high, so I thought I would try to lower it.

If you don't have time, just look at the series above first.

If something is still not resolved and you feel like you need to study more on your own, you can come to Black Road to take classes.

There are things about coffee that cannot be studied alone, including theories.

For example, cupping and sensory. Even if you study hard on your own, you must take a class at some point because ultimately “communication” and “experience” are important.

What's different about Black Road's classes?

Black Road is a company that travels to coffee producing regions and take cupping numerous coffee.

So, you will take classes using good ingredients or coffee sold in actual cafes. Of course, you can taste incredibly expensive coffee at sensory classes or cupping classes.

Black Road supplies coffee beans to more than 100 cafes across the country and provides coffee consulting. If you open a cafe after taking the class, Black Road will support you as much as possible. From this point on, you become more of a “colleague” than a guest.

There are people who are continuously studying.

Black Road's team members are all somewhat crazy about coffee. So, if you talk together, you can automatically study.

Classes are taught by SCA certified trainers.

We call it AST. There aren't that many in the country. At Black Road, AST Youngchan Lee is fully responsible for teaching classes. I think it would be hard to find a combination like this in Daegu. So I thought that if they took the class, the idea of getting a refund would disappear.

Which classes do you have?

1. One-day Class

First, there is a one-day class that you can take with a light heart.

It is held every Tuesday from 2 to 5 p.m., and you can apply through the Naver reservation in Blackroad Coffee. 

For the time being, it's about cupping.

2. SCA Class

We have 5 courses.

 - Barista Skills Foundation

 - Barista Skills Intermediate

 - Sensory Foundation

 - Sensory Intermediate

 - Brewing Foundation

All classes are held at Black Road Coffee.