Introducing the Coffee Dogam.

What is the Coffee Dogam?

In 2004, I tried Americano for the first time.

I should say, “I was captivated by its fantastic and beautiful taste”, but to be honest, I wondered why people drink this bitter and seemingly tasteless beverage. Since then, I've been curious about that. I thought that if I kept drinking, I too could discover the enjoyment. At some point, without realizing it, I was imitating someone who loves coffee.

"I can't live without coffee. One cup a day is not enough."

But then, I experienced an incident. My friend and I went to a very famous place for specialty coffee.

"Potayto, Potahto. I'll have an iced Chocolate."

"Hey... this place is really famous."

"I don't like bitter things."

I wanted to show this friend the true essence of specialty coffee and say it's not something you can ignore. At that time, I can buy Esmeralda Geisha for 200,000 won per kg. I carefully roasted it and went to my friend's place to brew and share the coffee. Before giving it to my friend, I tasted it myself. That's when I felt it. Now, the magic of specialty coffee was about to begin in this friend's life.

I gave it in a pretty and nice glass and waited for his reaction.

"Oh, man. This is bitter and tangy, right? I really can't drink it."

"Hey, It's 50,000 won per cup."


That day, I realized. Coffee isn't delicious.

What's delicious is the iced chocolate.

It wasn't a field that humans instinctively find delicious. Coffee becomes more attractive when the learning process is fun and you appreciate the characteristics and stories of each coffee. Simply giving expensive coffee to someone who does not know coffee without any preparation doesn't automatically make the value of that coffee recognized.

So, 8 years ago when I first started with coffee, I decided to create the app that I'm going to introduce today.

From the beginning until now, this has been my goal.

The whole reason I went to coffee farms, opened a cafe, roasted beans, and introduced different coffee beans was all in preparation for this.

Introducing the “Coffee Dogam” app.

This app is not for everyone indifferent to coffee. 

However, it is confidently asserted to be the best app for anyone interested in or passionate about coffee, allowing them to enjoy learning about coffee and empathizing with each other's coffee experiences. Let me introduce the five key features.

The first thing is recording.

This is a core feature. What if we go somewhere and drink a cup of coffee worth more than 50,000 won, but no one remembers? What if I just had one drink and I'm the only one who remembers? It's such a pity.

So, you can record your coffee experiences for the long term.

It's very simple! Just open the app, register the coffee information, and leave a review. How do I know if I drank this coffee or not? The coffee dogam believes in your conscience. And “lies” are bound to be revealed eventually.

Through reviews left by others, you can find out where to purchase this coffee and identify the nearest selling point to your home. You can alsoknow about the average price range, the flavor, and the tasting notes.

Are you trying to record your coffee review but don’t know how to do it? It has the flavor autocomplete feature that people frequently use and the flavor assistant.

The second feature is the achievement.

It is a feature that not only guides you on how to enjoy coffee but also serves as a small marker for the coffee you've savored. For example, if you drink 3 cups of geisha coffee, you get the "geisha baby" achievement. And then you can show off this achievement on your profile. Also, you can upload on Instagram.

Therefore, it has an explorer ranking system based on achievement.

Even if you are not a barista champion, you can still become a champion at drinking coffee! Every year, we are preparing appropriate benefits for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

The third feature is the coffee preference type analysis function.

If you provide thoughtful and accurate review ratings for 10 different cups of coffee, you'll discover your coffee preference type. Are you curious about which of the eight types you'll?

The fourth feature is exploring the exploration encyclopedia.

Initially, several posts are locked. Every time you give an achievement, useful information about coffee is unlocked, and you can learn about coffee lightly and happily. You can read and study unlocked content for free. The Explorers' League will regularly upload high-quality content.

The final feature is the recording of recipes.

Are you worried about which tool to use or which recipe to use when making coffee? Try following the recipes of people who drank coffee before you.

Otherwise, you can try using the Explorers' League recipe in the Exploration Encyclopedia.

All these features For 33,000 won per month...


It is free.

I spent 70 million won to create this app.

I'm not entirely sure why I embarked on this journey, but I genuinely believe that what I've created holds value for the coffee industry. I approached this with a strong sense of mission.

Everyone, please enjoy using it and spread it widely.

This is the start of a new coffee scene.